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T Rex Museum Mission Statement:

The T Rex Museum has been founded to become a place of wonder and learning for children of all ages. We believe that positive leaning experiences take place best in a museum environment through the technique of edutainment. This museum is not a collection of bones nor does it promote understanding through the study of such. There are other fine institutions that do a good job at this. Instead it strives to offer a unique learning experience through hands on interactive exhibits as well as offering appropriate compelling stories in multiple formats so that one can experience learning at a pace and level appropriate to age and interest level. It is not just about science, although this is an important building block in the process. Instead it is about exploring the world of ancient reptiles in a manner that will compel respect, understanding, and perhaps love of these most enigmatic of beings: reptiles of the past, present, and future."

Our Philosophy:

Everything dinosaurian is on the table here. We are a science based museum, but we always try and look at new and innovative ways to engage the public on the subject of Reptiles Past, Present, and Future. We believe it is always best to follow the facts and not the dogma.

Albert Einstein said it best, Imagination is more important that knowledge.

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