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"The T Rex Museum Now Comes To You."

That's right, we bring our museum activity center to your school or classroom. The costs start at just $99.

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It can be as simple as a sit down with a small group of preschoolers for a hands on discussion of "What is a fossil," or "dinosaurs you love," or the "History of life on Earth" to a "Complete Fossil Dig," "The Lost Tyrannosaur gold mine fossil panning," In other words we can bring portions of the Award Winning Museum right to you. Of course the more intensive and activity based events cost a bit more. For example if you want to do a hands on lecture and touching real fossils like a piece of a T Rex or Triceratops as well as each student digging and taking home their own fossil (up to 300 million years old) for a group of 15 to 30 students the cost is only $99 (with possible transportation supplement if it is more then 30 minutes from our location (next to Marana High School).

Here are some other possibilities:

A. Real Fossil Splits. Each student or group of 2 to 4 students gets to split open a real piece of 28 MYA fossiliferous shale to see exactly what fossil is inside. This is real hands on paleontology or geology. One hour
B. Fossil Preparation. Here a student or small groups of students get to actually uncover a real fossil from the matrix surrounding it and the class or student keeps what they found. Discussion of the fossils found follows. One hour
C. Geode Breaking. Each student will get to break open a different and unique geode to take home. Discussion before and after as to how they form. 30 minutes up to one hour,
D. Combinations of the above are possible. One hour or more.
E. Deluxe lecture, movie, and activity for small group, combined classes, to a complete school with many props, hands on fossils to touch, etc. Up to 2 hours. We can do the hard science for your or a softer more fun based activities relating to paleontology, geology, or even evolution.