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Dr. Samuel Breidenbach died August 6th 2016, so naturally the museum is closed and tours are no longer available. However, his legacy lives on through his writing and his research. Those of us who knew him well will miss his humor and his nearly encyclopedic memory as a resource for questions and answers.

So why keep the website you might ask... for the content of his research and his imagination. Much that is written here is based on factual research or is quoted from other sources. Perhaps the best parts are from his imagination in the form of stories about dinosaurs and dragons.

A quick overview of the pages here:

Who was T-Rex - Quite a lot of info related to same
Dino Discoveries - Recent fossil discoveries and what they mean
Reptiles of the past - Descriptions of 17 extinct species
Reptiles of the present - Descriptions of what we now call reptiles
Reptiles of the future - First person stories of living as a dinosaur
Reptile history - The evolution of reptiles according to then current knowledge
Dragon history - Stories about dragons told in many lands from Mesopotamia to China
About us - Samuel's mission statement and how to contact us



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